Technology, Internet, and Social Media Law

Enter through the looking glass of the computer, tablet or cell phone screen and you are in a different world.  Things look similar, familiar to your regular surroundings, but the principles of law work differently here – mainly because the online and digital context is so new.

D Gonzalez Law Group via Law2sm is here to assist you in navigating your way through the complex digital pathways of this new multimedia and online world.  Your business may be a digital product such as an “app” or an online service such as web design.  Or you may have the traditional business that uses online and digital technology to market and sell, or to connect with customers externally or stay in communication with your internal staff. Whatever you use it for, I can help you use it effectively and in compliance, as well as help you protect these valuable digital and online assets.

Our digital and online media law practice focuses on 5 main areas:

  • Online/Social Media Risk Audit & Assessment
  • Online/Social Media Policy & Protocol Development
  • Distribution Agreements of Technology and Online Media
  • Domain Name/Trademarks (audits, valuation, sale/purchase, litigation)
  • Online/Digital Copyright Protection, Enforcement and Violation Defense

How we work for YOU:

  • Negotiation (contracts, licensing agreements, etc.)
  • Mediation (2 or more multiparty, resolution, contract disputes)
  • Litigation (infringements, defenses)
  • Preventive (assessment, policy development, IP registration)

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