Pitch Package for Entertainment Projects

MP900401792When you have a great idea and you want to sell (“pitch”) it, there are some basic items that should be in your pitch package. I’ve included some links below to start you, but there are many others out there within a search’s reach. Determine your project’s genre and where it fits in the entertainment environment. This will help you determine where, when and to whom to submit it to. Also keep in mind that many studios and production companies do not accept unsolicited materials. For more information on that issue see my article: “The Legal Side of Pitching.” (http://www.dgonzalezesq.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/LegalSideofPitching_July2015.pdf).

  1. Preparing the Concept: Pitch on Paper (POP).
  1. More Detail: Treatment/Arch of Story/Episode Breakdown/Script
  1. Artist Profile/Credit Sheet
  1. Social Media or Online Presence Breakdown
  1. Sizzle Reel



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