Hollywood Takes On Human Trafficking

By: Cameron Roberts, IP Summer Intern

Throughout its existence the American film industry has had a reputation of reflecting the interests and the focus of society. However, in the past it was often considered taboo to produce films about intense or otherwise shameful issues that involved the United States. As the United States progresses, so does the courageousness of Hollywood. Currently, one of the more popular topics in the news is human trafficking, a touchy subject that involves several countries in the world including the U.S.

Human trafficking is the illegal trade of human beings used for physical and sexual exploitation. Adults and children alike are taken from their homes and sold or traded as pieces of property.  It is estimated that over 20 million people are currently traded as slaves. Unfortunately, the United States, a country we call “home”, is a contributor to this heinous crime.    Just as stories of these horrible events have conquered the news and radio, the Hollywood entertainment industry picked up on it and along with the progression of the times, has done what it always does best – create a film  – this time about the brutally honest and terrible truth of domestic human trafficking.

Jada Pinkett Smith, a highly esteemed and notable actress and wife of actor, Will Smith, recently learned of the devastating issues that our country has with human trafficking and set out to produce a film reflecting and teaching society about the travesties and truth of this hot issue. She believes that this film will promote awareness and potential increase in aid on the subject matter. The film and entertainment industry in the United States has a lot of power, especially compared to that of other countries. When a film is launched and campaigned on a true and current domestic issue, the impact and awareness in the general public can be quite impactful leading to significant changes in the law and in practice.

The name of the video film is called “Nada Se Compara.” The name translates as ”Nothing Compares.”  It stars Jada Pinkett Smith (singing in Spanish) and was directed and produced by Selma Hayek. The campaign against human trafficking is called “Don’t Sell Bodies.” The campaign and video were launched together with the desire to inform as many Americans as possible. Here is an example, because of the power of the entertainment industry, where celebrities use their influence and directed it towards an important topic for the greater good. The “Don’t See Bodies” campaign is reaching many who are taking up the fight to help the victims and stop the trafficking. You can do your part.  Share the video.

To see the video and an interview with Ms. Pickett Smith click: http://dontsellbodies.org/.

Note from Deborah:  As a mother of two beautiful young ladies this topic resonated with me.  Especially at the end when the video gives a startling quote: “The majority of the victims are not taken by kidnapping, they are taken by love.”  Let us love our daughters, sisters, and friends so they won’t trust the wrong people.  Please share and spread the word.








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