Entertainment Law – Film & TV

From idea and pitch to development and production, D Gonzalez Law Group is with you protecting YOUR audio-video motion venture.

Focus: Copyrights, Trademarks, and Licensing

  • Registration of Musical Compositions & Lyrics (including Performance Rights and Split Sheets)
  • Infringement Claims
  • Band and Musical LLC formations and registration
  • Performance Agreements/Contracts (including royalties)
  • Tour and Concert Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements of Use of Musical Compositions
  • Publishing Agreements
  • Recording Agreements/Contracts
  • Breach of Contract Litigation
  • Digital Rights in Online Environment of Musical Creations (including Social Media)
  • International Music Rights

Filmmakers and TV Content Creators

YOU are the screenwriter, the director, the producer, the actor, the filmmaker. It is YOUR movie, your sitcom, your reality series, your webcast episode, your documentary. D Gonzalez Law Group can help YOU navigate the business and legal sides of the film and television industry and help protect YOUR film and television project.

A few examples of how we can help YOU:

  • Protect your intellectual property in the project and secure clearances for prior footage and musical licenses.
  • Protect the value of your investment – talent and development contracts.
  • Protect your image and the project brand – in terms of trademark, moral rights, and commercialization, including merchandising and licensing.

How we work with YOU:

  • Legal consultation of creative rights (pre, during, post)
  • Strategic consulting of creative and legal rights
  • Representation of your creative and legal rights

How we work for YOU:

  • Negotiation (contracts, licensing agreements, etc.)
  • Mediation (2 or more multiparty, resolution, contract disputes)
  • Litigation (enforcement of rights, copyright violation defenses, contract violations)

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