Digital and Interactive Game Law

YOU came up with the concept, programmed and designed the mechanics, an/or brought those together to make the video game reality – whether as a social game, a mobile app or a traditional video game product for one of the popular platforms – your final creation has value YOU need to protect.

D Gonzalez Law Group is here to assist you in protecting these valuable creations of your mind (or your staff if this is your business).  It took skill, experience, and talent to get to the end zone on your project.  But a final product is not the end of the road.  What do you do with it now that it is done, and if you can sell it, are all your legal bases covered?

We help you understand and resolve legal concerns and liabilities that may stand in the way of your ultimate goal.  Issues such as:

  • Copyright registration and enforcement of the game or app code.
  • Work for hire and copyright transfers and waivers from independent developers, to
  • Trademark of logos of the games and their domain names.
  • Business Model Decisions (subscription or user fees, micro transactions for virtual goods, and advertising via sponsorships, branded virtual goods and product placement)
  • Publicity Right Clearances, Fair Use
  • Music licensing issues clearances
  • Offensive content regulation, and the Children’s Online Protection Act, First Amendment/Censorship
  • Digital rights management and licensing agreements – domestic and international.
  • Social game privacy issues
  • “Terms of Use” and ”User Agreements”

How we work for YOU:

  • Negotiation (contracts, licensing agreements, etc.)
  • Mediation (2 or more multiparty, resolution, contract disputes)
  • Litigation (infringements, defenses)
  • Preventive (assessment, policy development, IP registration)

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