Animation Law

From the ink to the reel, D Gonzalez Law Group is with you to protect your characters, protect your art, and protect your brand!

Focus: Copyrights, Trademarks, and Licensing

  • Registration of Animated Works
  • Registration of Character Trademarks
  • Infringement Claims
  • Rights Clearances and Review of Potential Liabilities (including Publicity Rights)
  • Animation Commissions and Work for Hire Contracts
  • Exhibition Agreements/Contracts
  • Licensing Agreements of Use of Animation – Merchandising
  • Animation Tradeshow/Fair/Festival Agreements
  • Sale/Purchase Agreements of Animation (including Animation Franchise)
  • Digital Rights in Online Environment of Animation (including Social Media)
  • Animation Business Consultation


YOU are the animator, the one who gave the characters life, the one who designed the lay of their world, the one who knew the story and found a way to share it through your art.  They are your characters, your story, your world.  And after all the time and creative effort, including the sacrifices to find the resources of materials and time, they now exist and move and breathe. And it is time to share them with others. But protect THEIR value first.

 How we work with YOU:

  • Legal consultation of creative rights (pre, during, post)
  • Strategic consulting of creative and legal rights
  • Representation of your creative and legal rights

How we work for YOU:

  • Negotiation (contracts, licensing agreements, etc.)
  • Mediation (2 or more multiparty, resolution, contract disputes)
  • Litigation (enforcement of rights, copyright violation defenses, contract violations)

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