Intellectual Property

Copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, and more. We help protect the value of your IP assets.

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Art, Entertainment & Interactive Media

Film, TV, documentaries, theater, fiction, games, music, visual art, etc. You have a project that is multi-media in nature - we can help you protect your creative work and more.

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Technology & Social Media

From technology development agreements to social media legalities, we can help you as you innovate, disrupt, and create a new world.

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YOU want an attorney who understands your creativity and your industry. YOU want an attorney who will work with YOU as a member of YOUR team and protect your intellectual and creative efforts. YOU want an attorney to protect your rights and get results when YOU need them. I’m that attorney.

I’m not your typical lawyer and this is not your typical law office. So browse around, access some of the resources, take a look at what may interest you, go to one of the various workshops I give around town, and then give me a call or send me an email. Let’s talk about your needs and some creative legal solutions.

And I want to know – what have you created today?